Outdoor In

Outdoor In is an organization for the management of the tourist destination Ibarski Kolasin, founded with the mission of development, coordination and promotion of active tourism in tne municipality of Zubin Potok. "Outdoor In" is in charge of managing the Via Ferrata Berim tourist attraction as well as organizing visits to this unique tourist product of Ibarski Kolasin.

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is a system of steel aids (cables and climbers) that enable everyone to climb safely to heights that are normally only accessible to experienced alpinist. Via Ferrata Berim is 4 km long and offers a unique adrenaline experience. After a full day of climbing the Via Ferrata Berim, the feeling that there is no such thing as impossible is something that complitely enchants you and brings you back to Berim. Dare to try! Get ready for the adventure!

Season 2023

The Via Ferrata climbing season has officialy begun! Via Ferrata Berim is ready to welcome its dear guests, and this year we have prepared some news for you. Visit us and make sure why after climbing the Via Ferrata Berim coffee has a different, sweeter taste. And your smile doesn't go away.

Berim Sessions

Berim Sessions is a new brand of Outdoor In, which represents a system of outdoor concerts with the aim of promoting good music, natural beauty and tourist products of Ibarski Kolasin. The first concert within Berim Sessions was organized on October 22, 2020 with our famouns musician Marko Louis. The recording of the concert was supported by Balcan Trip television. The concert was organized with the support of the municipality of Zubin Potok, the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, the Institute for Teritorial Economic Development - inTER, the "Old Kolasin" Cultural Center and the Health Center in Zubin Potok. Enjoy a great concert!